Check out the Video above for a brief insight into Freshers week!

Freshers week will undoubtedly be one of the most energetic, busy and fun weeks of your lives. The College Student Association has worked over the summer to put together various events and activities for you to enjoy for your FIRST WEEK AT UNIVERSITY! We have done our best to put on a top notch week, where you’ll be able to explore York, the Uni, freedom and most importantly, yourself.

Get ready to try new things, put yourselves into new and unknown scenes that we hope you will remember for the rest of your lives!

Your Weeks Outlook:

Moving In:

All students will be able to arrive between 9 am and 4 pm on their arrivals day:

  • New Undergraduate International/EU Students can arrive on Friday 27th September 2019
  • New Undergraduate Home Students must arrive on Saturday 28th September 2019

On arrivals day all keycards should be collected from The Forum, Constantine College.  If you do not arrive on the designated arrivals day you should collect your keycard from the Ron Cooke Hub. #Pinkiscoming

If you have purchased a freshers ticket and merchandise, you can collect this from the CSA who will be present soon after you collect your room key. There will be an Army of individuals in grey. They are STYCs, and are all there to help you unpack and get your bearings within  the college. If you need any help, grab on of them and they should get you on your way!


You may have seen the acronym STYC being used in some of our emails and communications. STYC is short for Second/Third Year Contact, and there are plenty of these individuals at Constantine. The Well-being team are in command of our #PinkArmy!

We have some 120 students who have volunteered to be a mentor for you during your First week at University. We have hand picked these students from our applicants as we believe they are the most fun, energetic, bubbly, approachable, knowledgeable and sometime craziest people you will ever meet! These students will be with you each day and will be your guides to the University and the City. They will show you around so you can get your bearings in York, will look after you night and day and will hopefully become a good friend and point of contact for you throughout your first year.

You will meet your STYC on move in day, where they will invade your flats and get to know you before getting you ready for our planned evening event. Most of you will have two STYCs, but some of you may have three. Look out for our team, they will be wearing grey throughout the first week.

Our STYCs have leaders, called Head STYCs. Each of the blocks of flats, which you will be allocated on move in day (with your room) will have 2 head STYCs to lead each night. They will be in Burgundy shirts. If you have any problems that your STYC cant help you with, find one of our HSTYCs and they will take you a step closer to getting what you need!

Get ready for a rowdy and energy fuelled week with your STYCs!