The CSA Community & Wellbeing team ensure you are part of a physically and mentally healthy Constantine community. We are proud of our great community and make sure that we get as many people as possible at our events. We love Constantreat, where we offer free food including sweets and pizza. We also ensure that you maintain good wellbeing during your time at university. We signpost you towards support and put on events during the stressful exam periods. These include puppy lounges and relaxation breakfasts, where we make bacon sandwiches and give you free bottles of water. If you have any event ideas, please don’t hesitate to send us a message on Instagram or come and speak to us at one of our events.

As part of our role in building a community in Constantine and the wider university, we are responsible for signposting you towards liberation networks. If you are a member of any of these networks, we encourage you to speak to your Liberation Officer, as they can put you in touch with other people in the network and voice your concerns. If you are not a part of one of the networks, we still encourage you to attend our Liberation Week events as everyone is welcome in our college community.


Your Community & Wellbeing Team

To ensure that you get in touch with the right people we have outlined the roles of each member of the subcommittee. We encourage you to read these in the lead up to CSA elections, as you might find that you are interested in one of the roles and should apply. If you have any queries and are not sure which Officer to speak to, please contact the VP of Wellbeing, who will be happy to answer any of your questions or comments.

  • VP for Community and Wellbeing (Hannah Nimmo) – The VP sits on the YUSU Liberation and Welfare committee and is key to ensuring that your views are addressed by YUSU. If you have any ideas about Wellbeing at the university, or in the college, please contact the VP and let her know. She is also responsible for ensuring that you are represented by your Wellbeing or Liberation Officer, so if you feel that you are not being represented, please contact Hannah with any concerns.
  • Wellbeing Officers (Emily Oliver and Charlotte Bale) – Our lovely Wellbeing Officers ensure that you are signposted towards wellbeing teams both on and off campus. They also run our events, including sexual health and guidance (SHAG week) events. Although our lovely Officers cannot offer you any wellbeing advice, they can listen to any concerns you may have, and then signpost you towards the best support for your needs.

Welcome Talk on Move-In Day
STYCs form an integral part of our work in Freshers Week

Liberation Officers:

  • Access and Disability Officer (Olivia Church) – Olivia represents the concerns and views of all students in the college who have a disability. She sits on the Disabled Students Network Committee in YUSU, so can make sure that your views are represented to YUSU. If you have any concerns, or need signposting towards support, please speak to Olivia. She will be happy to help.
  • Environment and Ethics Officer (Thomas Johnson) – The CSA are concerned with our environmental impact, particularly as we are surrounded by nature on our campus. Thomas will run great events, working with Connecting East and other colleges to encourage you to explore the campus and learn about nature. We also do documentary nights. Our favourite is Planet Earth, we love Attenborough! We are also always open to ideas for new events!
  • International Officer (Emma Wisdorf) – We are so proud of our diverse community within Constantine. We have so many international students and we really want you to settle into the University. However, we understand that this may be more difficult for you, so from the day you move in we work to ensure that we engage you in our community. Emma, originally from Germany, is amazingly placed to answer any concerns you have.
  • LGBTQ Officer (Megan Louise Bell) – Megan represents the views of our LGBTQ students. She runs great events, including our colourful PRIDE pres. We really encourage everyone to attend these events, and Meg is amazing at signposting you towards specific support teams. She also sits on the YUSU LGBTQ network committee, so if you want to see change within the university, or raise any concerns, please approach Meg who will be happy to help.

Our amazing subcommittee represent your views at a CSA, College and University level, so please contact them with any of your concerns or views. We also love new event ideas, so if you have a great idea, please let us know!!