What is College Sport

College Sport is a massive part of University sport at York. Supported by Sport England and York Sport, the Colleges work to ensure sports are open to anyone, and to all abilities.

The College League is separate to the University Sport League. It is a unique aspect for Universities that adopt the college system and enables any skill range to join in and enjoy sport at York. We play many different sports throughout the year, at a variety of levels, competitively and just for fun. Pushing for competition? Join one of our teams to lead them to victory at York Vs Durham Varsity Championship, where York College teams go up against Durham’s best squads.

Whether you’ve never committed to a sport before, or you’re a seasoned professional, Constantine has a sport for you, and we encourage ALL new students to try something new when they join Constantine. Bring your A game, and we will see you on the pitches!

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Rounders (Summer Term Only)