Welcome to Constantine, the newest and greatest college at York! You are now part of the infamous #PinkArmy! I hope you are all excited to come see what York has to offer during your first year at Uni. I want to make sure that your stay at the college is an enjoyable one, and myself and the College Student Association will do our best to achieve it! We have something for everyone here at Constantine, whether it be, hula-hooping, bar crawls, eating, playing games, doing stuff for charity, or just chilling out, we will be sure to accommodate your needs!

So, Freshers week is coming, and I bet you’re thinking about it a lot! We have a lot planned for you, and we have already made sure that this will be one of the most energetic and fulfilling times of your life! I can’t release too much information just yet, but be ready to get dressed up in some funky attire, get dressed down, get a boogie on and have a banging time!

If you’re thinking about settling in, have a look through our Blogs and the rest of the website. Hopefully you’ll find some valuable information about what you can expect at Constantine. Don’t be nervous, just be ready to have the time of your life!

I found that Constantine quickly becomes part of a lifestyle that I wouldn’t change. I am currently the president of the Constantine Student Association. I love always being busy and being involved with the Constantine community and I’m sure you will find what you like here!

Once again, Welcome to Constantine! I can’t wait to meet you all in September!

If you want to find me, ask for Jordan throughout Freshers or add me on Facebook (Jordan Pretty) and have a chat – Ill answer any questions you have as soon as I can!

Have a great Summer!

Love from your Prez,

Jordan xx


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