Everything that happens within the college starts here, with the CSA, which is the Constantine Students Assocation. We are a group of students, like you, dedicated to making sure that your time at Constantine is as fun and enjoyable as it is for us. The CSA is governed by a Constitution, which is reviewed annually and is seperate from the College Constitution. Members of the Executive (highlighted in Italics) also sit on College Council, who are a group of University Staff & Students that meet 4 times a year to set the overall strategy for the college.

The CSA meets regularly throughout the year, and elections are held annually in November.

The Signatories Sub-Committee

Marcus Chan – President

Beth Wigham – Secretary

Ben Scilly – Treasurer

Anisha Joshi – Treasurer

Community & Wellbeing Sub-Committee

Hannah Nimmo – Vice President for Community & Wellbeing

Emily Oliver – Community & Wellbeing Officer

Charlotte Bale – Community & Wellbeing Officer

Olivia Church – Access & Disability Officer

Emma Wisdorf – International Officer

Megan Bell – LGBTQ Officer

Thomas Johnstone – Environment & Ethics Officer

Events & Activities Sub – Committee

Kyle Siwek – Vice President for Events & Activities

Morgan Willetts – Events & Activities Officer

Oscar Cullinan – Events & Activities Officer

Adam Welch – Events & Activities Officer

Sports Sub – Committee

Ashfraf Ahmed – Vice President for Sports

Business, Marketing & Merchandise Sub – Committee

Sinan Gilroy – Vice President for Business, Marketing & Merchandise

David Luncan – Photographer and Videographer