Looking for Something to do?

Constantine’s Social Engagement Team love planning events and activities for you to do throughout the year. We always keep busy and make sure there is something different for you to enjoy each week.


For the night-life oriented people out there. We like to hold regular parties in our forum, where we put on music live and loud for you to enjoy! Some of our favourite events in the past have been themed parties, such as our Trip to the Tropics followed by a trip to York’s Tiki Bar in Kuda nightclub, or our Pub Golf sessions, where reaching par is no easy feat!

We like to team up with the other Hes East Colleges to make BIG termly events. Look out for our collaborations on Facebook!

Throughout the year, we will put on College Exclusive events, just to keep your drive going throughout the year. In January, keep and eye out for our Refreshers, where we take a trip back to your first week at Uni and start it all over again. Summer Brings out the sun and fun; our annual event, Constanchill – Constantine Summer Carnival 2020, is completely free, where we put up carnival rides, good music and carnival games and prizes for you to play and enjoy!

Our events are open for everyone to enjoy; the more the merrier!


Held year-round, to offer you a relaxing break from studies. Some of our favourites include games night, games tournaments (MarioKart, Fifa, etc) where you can show off your gaming skills to the rest of the college. Our Gaming consoles are free to use at any time in the forum, along with our ping pong and pool tables.

We like to have PJ movie nights and put up blockbusters on our projectors in the Forum. We provide the snacks and drinks, all you have to do is come watch.

Sometimes we team up with the College Team, and we will take you on trips to the nearby area! Last summer we took a trip to Robin Hoods Bay by the seaside, perfect for a summers day. Bowling is also a popular frequent! Anything you want us to do, we will get it done for you!

Meet Your Social Engagement Team

Jonathan Gardner
Chair of Social Engagement

George McCormick aka ‘Pedro’
Vice-Chair of Social Engagement

Peter Ley
Social Engagement Officer

Josie Feltham
Social Engagement Officer

Mia Povall
Social Engagement Officer

Louis Macdonald
Social Engagement Officer

Megan Clarke
Social Engagement Officer

Jacob Findell
Social Engagement Officer

Francesca Wilson
Raising and Giving Officer

Freshers Week Plans

Freshers Tickets

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