Everyone at Constantine is looking forward to your arrival in September. Everyone present on arrivals remembers their first day at University, with everyone having a mixed range emotions, ranging from pure excitement to some nervousness. Nevertheless, they all had an excellent first year, and return to ensure that you do too. We want to make you feel right at home from the moment you arrive, to ease your way into independent life and on into the best years of your life.

Here are a few short videos that give you an idea about college, a tour around the Heslington East Campus, some advice on what to bring to Uni, and experiences from last years Freshers!

College and Campus Tour

Heslington East Campus is the new campus at York, with Constantine being the newest College! This year we are 5 years old! The Campus is an area of outstanding beauty in the summertime, with direct sunlight and a view over the campus lake from all colleges. Beware, it gets windy sometimes!

The Piazza Library is the newest building on the East Campus. It is a study area open to all students, with a cafe, dining area, lecture theatres and private study rooms. It is easy to find at a the Langwith College bus stop.

Here is a quick tour of the college and the surrounding area so you can get your bearings.

Settling in

Moving in and getting used to the new setting may be daunting for you. Moving into University accommodation will be a BIG event for most of you, and looking after yourself comes with living at University. You could be thinking a number of things about your first year, like what could happen, or if you’ll have a good time, so here are a few first hand experiences from last Years Freshers who are now on the CSA Committee. They will give you an idea about what to expect in your first year at Constantine, and will also give you advice on what NOT to bring to University.

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